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Membership Types


Active Member

All current Maryland Park Service Rangers are eligible to become active members.


Active members may make motions and vote on issues before the Association.


Active members may also hold a position on the board of directors. 

Active members are covered by the

MRA's pre-paid legal services plan.

Dues to become an Active Member are

$20 per pay period.


Associate Member

Reputable and responsible members of the community are invited to participate as Associate Members.


Associate Members must be sponsored by an Active Member and accepted by the membership.


Associate Members may attend all meetings but cannot vote or hold a position on the board of directors. 

Dues to become an Associate Member are

$50 per year.


Retired Member

Active Members who retire in good standing become Retired Members.

Former members of the Natural Resources Police who previously held a Maryland Ranger commission and were a member of the Association are also eligible to join as a Retired Member.

Retired Members can attend all meetings however they cannot vote on matters before the Association.


Retired Active Member

A Retired Member may elect to become a Retired Active Member.

Retired Active Members have all of the rights as Active Members, and may vote on all matters before the Association. 

Dues to become a Retired Active Member are

$50 per year.

Membership Types: Get Involved
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