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A Day in the Life of a Maryland Ranger


Operating Your State Parks

Rangers are uniformed civilian personnel, patrolling State Parks on foot, in marked vehicles with lights and emergency equipment, and on agency vessels. Rangers respond to visitor calls for service and assistance, as well as managing natural disasters and other emergencies that occur in State Parks. Rangers render aid, guide the public safety response to park locations, including remote and hazardous areas, and otherwise ensure that the public is safe and the resource is protected.

Rangers are trained experts in the operation of day-use areas, trails, campgrounds, beaches, concessions, and all other aspects of State Parks. Through regular patrols, Rangers provide a calming presence and sense of security to tens of millions of annual visitors. Rangers handle complaints and enforce regulations through education and voluntary compliance, coordinating with the Natural Resources Police and other allied law enforcement and public safety agencies, and document incidents through official reports.

First Responders

Maryland Rangers are the true First Responders in State Parks, trained to administer lifesaving interventions and responsible for responding immediately to the scene of an emergency, in both developed areas of parks and in remote environments. Often first to arrive to stabilize the scene, Rangers guide the response and provide support and assistance until additional resources such as police, firefighters, and paramedics arrive. Rangers are trained in Search and Rescue, Wildland Firefighting, Water Rescue, Emergency Medical Services and Incident Management.



Rangers are the chief stewards of their State Parks. Through their outreach and actions, they educate visitors, control invasive species, perform prescribed burns, manage deer populations at sustainable levels and educate black bears to avoid visitor conflicts. Rangers partner with numerous organizations and coordinate with volunteers to accomplish DNR's mission

Rangers Role: Programs
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